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Add Incredible Magical Fireflies® to
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FIREFLY MAGIC® Magical Fireflies are manufactured, distributed and sold by Spartus Technology LLC and hold Patent #7,212,932 for both the unique operating method, and the product.

To ensure the highest quality products and continued responsiveness to our customers, we design and develop product to withstand outdoor weather, year around. Fore that reason, Firefly Magic® Magical Fireflies have a full one (1) Year limited warranty.

We also work with Lighting Designers, Landscape Designers, Contractors, and Specialty Products Suppliers and Retailers to provide both standard and custom Firefly Magic® Magical Fireflies Lighting products.

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Have Questions or Need Assistance? We're here to help, just call us at 1-877-8-FIREFLY (1-877-834-7335)
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