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Add Incredible Magical Fireflies® to
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12 Volt UL outdoor transformer

FMT Models
connect to an existing UL approved 12 Volt AC landscape lighting transformer

FMS Models
are Solar powered with rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries

FMB Models
are Battery powered by 3 standard AA batteries





MFJK 'Fireflies in a Jar' Kit
are Battery powered by 2 standard AA batteries
(jar not included)


FMI Models
110 Volt indoor wall outlet for DRY INDOOR use only



Questions about Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights? Just call for answers 1-877-8-FIREFLY


My Solar Powered Firefly Lights have stopped working. What's wrong with them?

The Solar Powered Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are powered by two (2) Nickel Cadmium batteries which are recharged from DIRECT SUNLIGHT striking the solar panel on the top of the lantern portion of the unit.

For optimum performance, it is important the solar panel on the top of the lantern receive 2-3 hours of DIRECT SUNLIGHT each day to maintain a full charge in the two (2) AA Ni-Cd batteries that power the microprocessor and electronic 'fireflies'.

NOTE: The 'fireflies' may stop operating if there is insufficient sunlight to keep the batteries fully charged but they'll automatically restart when the batteries are sufficiently recharged by the sun.

TROUBLESHOOTING - If your Solar Powered Firefly Magic Firefly Lights have stopped working and do not seem to be recharging correctly, please do the following:

Step A) Replace the two Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries with two new standard AA - Alkaline batteries.

If the 'fireflies' begin working properly, that indicates the two Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries were discharged and need recharging. See Step B below.

If after installing new AA Alkaline batteries, your Solar Powered Firefly Magic Firefly Lights do not work, please contact our technical support department at or call us at 888-834-7335.

Step B) You can recharge the Ni-Cd batteries in one of two ways -

Option 1) Place the batteries in a battery charger unit designed to recharge Ni-CD (Nickel Cadmium). After the batteries are recharged, place them back into the Solar Powered Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights unit and be sure the solar panel on top of the lantern is exposed to at least 2-3 hours of DIRECT SUNLIGHT each day.

Option 2) Place the discharged Ni-Cd batteries back into the Solar Powered Firefly Magic Firefly Lights unit. Now move the lantern, with the solar panel on top, to an area in which it will receive DIRECT SUNLIGHT for at least 8 hours. This should fully recharge the batteries. Now you can move the unit back to a location where it will receive at least 2-3 hours of DIRECT SUNLIGHT each day.

In some locations it may be impossible to place the solar panel where it will receive sufficient sunlight to keep the 'fireflies' operating properly. If you find that this is the case, you may use standard AA - Alkaline batteries in the Solar unit and replace them periodically as they become weak. Or, you may want to consider replacing the Solar Powered unit with a Firefly Magic Firefly Lights Transformer Powered unit. Please contact us for more information on exchanging your unit.


How to adjust the brightness of your Firefly Magic Lights®.

There are two reasons you may want to adjust the brightness of your Firefly Magic® Lights. The first is how far away the electronic fireflies are from you, and the second is personal preference.

In either case, brightness adjustment is accomplished by the alignment of the electronic firefly viewing angle relative to the viewers. If the electronic fireflies are farther away, or if you just want them to be brighter, aim the tip of each electronic firefly directly toward the viewers, as shown in the image below:

Aim toward viewer for BRIGHTER fireflies

If the electronic fireflies are closer to viewers, or if you want the fireflies to appear at a more lifelike brightness, then orient each electronic firefly at approximately 90° to the viewers, as shown in the image below:

Aim 90° away from viewer for NORMAL fireflies

The best way to determine the brightness you prefer is to install your Firefly Magic® Lights and watch them for a while. Try re-aiming your electronic firefly lights as shown above. Then decide which way you prefer; or, somewhere in between the two examples above.


How to make your Firefly Magic® electronic fireflies move.

Having your Firefly Magic electronic fireflies move makes their effect even more amazing, and it is easy to accomplish. In your landscaping, look for the smaller more flexible branches and vines. Carefully wrap the firefly light wires around and down to the ends of these flexible branches, with the firefly light extending and inch or two beyond the end of the plant.

Now, when a breeze blows over the plant in which the firefly lights are attached, your Firefly Magic® Lights will gently swing and sway. As it gets dark and you no longer can see the plant, all you see is the movement of the 'fireflies'. We have received excellent feedback that this creates an effect that very closely approximates real fireflies dancing at night.


Have Questions or Need Assistance? We're here to help, just call us at 1-877-8-FIREFLY (1-877-834-7335)
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