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- How do your Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights compare to the ones I saw in the Disneyland 'Pirates of the Caribbean' attraction?

That Disneyland attraction was first introduced in the Spring of 1967, before the high tech microprocessors we use in Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights were invented. It is our understanding that the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean 'fireflies' are small incandescent lamps (similar to small household light bulbs) hanging on coiled wire with a black disk (appx 2" diameter) attached to the light. When the light, with attached disk, is blown around by centrifugal blowers sitting on the floor, the small light bulbs move in and out of the visitor's line-of-sight, creating an appearance of flashing on-and-off.

Our Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights have patented Flash, Flicker, and Fade technology that makes the amazing 'fireflies' actually flash on, flicker for a short while, then fade off, just like Mother Nature's real fireflies. All this flashing, flicking, and fading is uniquely controlled for each individual firefly through the use of high tech microchip technology. Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are also the exact color of real fireflies from the Eastern United States called Photinus Pyralis, glowing at a dominant wavelength of 570 nanometers of visible light.

The small 3mm Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights (approximately 1/8", the same size as the 'lanterns' of real fireflies) we use are high tech Light Emitting Diodes that never get hot, use just a tiny amount of power, and last for over 100,000 hours of continuous operation. That means they'll last for years of enjoyment with your friends, visitors, and family.

Of course the fireflies in the Disneyland 'Pirates of the Caribbean' attraction do move because of the blowers they have setting on the floor. Our Firefly Magic® Lights move by Mother Nature's breezes. By extending the small Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights and wires out the end of branches, twigs, or stems just a few inches, the 'fireflies' bob and weave when the breezes blow, just like real fireflies in nature.

And don't forget that Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are designed and manufactured to endure the outside elements of summer heat, winter cold, rain, wind, and even snow --- while continuing to operate perfectly. To our knowledge, there are no other firefly lights on the market as accurate and as rugged as Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights. In fact we stand behind our products with a full one (1) year limited warranty.

P.S. Our Firefly Magic® and Magical Fireflies® lights are used by Walt Disney Entertainment.

- Where are Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights used?

Of course many homeowners purchase Firefly Magic® Lights to add something special to their back yard landscape. In addition, we have landscape designers and architects 'design in' Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights for both custom residential and commercial projects.

Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights have also been used in stage productions and in exhibits where replicating the accuracy of fireflies is important, such as at the Natural Science Center of Greensboro, North Carolina where Firefly Magic® firefly lights are installed in their "Bug Discovery" exhibit and also at the Columbus Zoo, Tulsa Zoo, and Jamestown Audubon Center.

Some folks live in places without a yard, but still want to add the fun of having 'fireflies'. So they set up their Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights indoors, like Bruce Smith of Gresham, Oregon who writes, "I just purchased my second set of Firefly Magic Lights and I really need to tell you how wonderful I think these fireflies are. I've tried other firefly light sets with little fans attached but those are really cumbersome. But Firefly Magic Lights are so well made they surpass any others out there on the market."

- What is the warranty on Firefly Magic® Lights?
There is a full one (1) year limited warranty on Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights.
Please see the warranty statement page for more information.

- Are there Installation Guides for the Firefly Magic® Lights?
Yes. Please see the Installation Guides page for the model you're interested in.

- Do you work with Landscape Designers and Contractors?
Yes, we supply both standard and custom Firefly Magic® Firefly Light systems to Landscape professionals, as well as assist with installation designs.

- Can I adjust how bright the little electronic fireflies are?
Yes. Please review the Support page for more information on how to adjust the brightness of your Firefly Magic electronic fireflies and other helpful information.


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